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Hot Soak     Liberties, Collyer Bristow + The Exchange, Cornwall, 2016 [documentation]; El Palomar, Barcelona, Spain, 2014;                                                     Performatorium, Regina, Canada, 2012; Tract, Newlyn Art Gallery + Art Surgery, Cornwall, 2006; home, London, 2005

The audience enter a bathroom alone to find me in the half-filled bath clothed in a red sequinned dress, which seeps its dye gradually into the water. I place an ice cube in the visitor’s hand and position it in such a way that the cube will melt directly into my mouth for five minutes. I then spit the water into the bath, dry the visitor’s hands, and await the next person. Hot Soak is a one-to-one performance where the audience become co-creators of the work through material and physical exchange. Without them the work cannot exist.

Photos: Steve Tanner


From Hot Soak at the Queen’s Hotel, Penzance, Cornwall for Tract: Live Art Festival, 2006


Section Photo: Clara Wellner Bou

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