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lightly tending    performance, 3 weeks       The Portals Project: Part One: El Umbral - The Threshold, Bermondsey Project Space, London 2022

Group show with/curated by Helena Goldwater, Lucía Imaz King, Wayne Lucas, and Simon Vincenzi


The works are thresholds that visitors may enter: unbounded spaces, fantastic holes, precarious caves - sites of uncertainty, displacement and risk. As four artists using different but interconnected tactics, the works consist of a number of portals and framings that indicate turning points.


Thresholds, whether in fiction or in architecture, invite us to leave a space behind in order to enter another; to decide to cross into a different world, one that may initially seem impenetrable but that opens up in time. In post-pandemic public life, spaces increasingly feature transparent screens to protect us from contamination, forming invisible divides. By contrast the thresholds in El Umbral break down boundaries and contaminate the imaginary. The invitation to pass through these portals offers choices that are intentionally unsettling.  Extract from gallery hand-out/Written by Lucía King 

Photos: George Bularca, Helena Goldwater and Lucía King

Video: George Bularca.

[Sound: Will Saunders for La órbita by Lucía King]

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